NFL Football Player Becomes ENHANCED Coach To The Stars

We have introduced you Dillon Salva before.

He is a former NFL player who has recently became an Enhanced Athlete and a trainer working hard to put in those gainz for himself and his clients. Recently, Dillon Salva has been maxing out on Enhanced Supplements and working with Tony Huge as he continues to coach others, even the celebrities and stars.

Here is Dillon and his client, Fetty Wap at the Gym getting that money and repping Enhanced tough:

If you are interested in getting coached by Dillon reach out on his IG profile by clicking here. He has been doing amazing work with some top not clients and he can do the same for you!

Here are some of the pics that Dillon has shared with us recently.

As you can see, it is no longer just catching footballs. Dillon has been living that Enhanced lifestyle and putting in the work....

Here is the original article and background story, YouTube video on Dillon Salva:

Can athletes outside of bodybuilders use Enhanced Supplements? Of course, and many do.

Meet Dillon Salva, football player for life and new Enhanced Ambassador.

Dillon has been a football player for his whole life. He has played on practice fields and OTA's with the worlds best football players, he has played as a started in high-level NCAAF Football on ESPN. And he uses SLIN, Black Ox, ARA, and Carb-Tech religiously.

Why? Because these products are FDA-compliant, GMP-certifiedMade in the USANatural, and USADA / WADA compliant. Meaning that Athletes of all sports, Bodybuilding to Football to Soccer and Track and Field can benefit from Tony Huge, Craig Golias, the Canadian Chemist, and the entire Enhanced Labs team's innovations and product development. When Dillon introduces fellow athletes to Enhanced he likes to tell them that Enhanced products were "discovered and built by bodybuilders, engineered for everyone". We couldn't agree more.

Dillon started playing football when he was just seven years old starting out in Flag Football and moved to Tackle Pop Warner style football in 5th and 6th grade. In high school at Bishop Ahr in Edison NJ where he played  both ways and started as Tight End and Defensive End.  During his high school career he earned distinctions as All Area, All County, All State, and All Division. Essentially, Dillon was a badass. The guy you didn't want on your son's opposing team.

But before the varsity high school career came the beginnings of a lifting career. His dad had him start lifting weights in 8th grade. This set him up for exceptional strength in his high school career. During his senior year in high school his coaching staff began having them do power cleans -- and it became his favorite lift rapidly. As an 18 year old he power cleaned 275 pounds his first time ever attempting the lift.

Then came the college career. A college career that was defined by more achievement. More accolades. Higher lifts. And better performance. And profiles on ESPN. Over all this time Dillon continued to perform at high levels. Earning the respect of opponents, coaches, sportscasters, and the general public.



So whether it is his football career, his lifting career, or living that healthy life, Dillon Salva lives live to the Enhanced Maximum.

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Tony Huge and Enhanced are proud to call Dillon Salva an Enhanced Athlete. Keep watching and following his journey at:

Twitter- D_Skutty85