Who Is Enhanced? Meet Haytham Haggag, F-16 Fighter Pilot Turned VP Of Enhanced

We get asked all the time: who runs Enhanced? WHO IS ENHANCED? These questions have only expanded over the months since Enhanced labs shocked the world and signed Big Ramy to a 3 year contract. Signing the reigning Mr. Olympia and 11x Mr. Olympia competitor Dennis James has a lot of people scratching their heads, confused, and asking: just what in the hell is going on at Enhanced and who is running the ship?

Enhanced is built by people and for people who live life at full volume. Who seek truth in supplements the same way they live  true in all other aspects of their daily life. While some supplement companies dubiously claim to be the "fastest growing sports supplement company," at Enhanced we know who holds that title for the last 12 months - we do. 40-45% growth, not for the year, but Quarter over Quarter sustained now for 5 quarters. ENHANCED is the fastest growing sports supplement company in the industry, period.

And Enhanced is fueled by exceptional people just like you.

One of these great pioneers is Haytham Haggag, the Enhanced Vice President of International Operations, Director of GCC and MENA. He also owns and operates www.enhancedlabs.uk, and has a fulfillment warehouse for Enhanced products in the UK.

And what does it mean to be Enhanced? It means that before he became a VP of Enhanced, he was a Fighter Jet Pilot flying F-16s. Thats the kind of talent fueling the explosion of Enhanced Labs. Haytham has handled life and death situations on the front lines, combat, multiple g-force flying, ejections at top speeds and handled all of it with the professional execution of a military officer. That is the kind of precision Haytham brings to his work at Enhanced.

Haytham comes from a military background as a fighter pilot in the Egyptian Airforce, to become our leading member for the Middle East and Africa.
According to Haytham, his success comes from applying his military lifestyle and flying supersonic aircraft (such as F16 and Alpha Jet) for 11 years, applying this to his business planning. Targets in head, plans mapped out and fighting for the end result with persistence, focus and patience is what helped him build his reputation.
Determination and passion for fitness and sports is what made him choose this path, built upon years of personal experience and knowledge having been in the bodybuilding and supplement industry for over 25 years.
Haytham is #enhanced and you can meet Haytham on the upcoming UK Tour with Big Ramy that was announced on Muscular Development.
As you can see the Enhanced C-suite is not just a bunch of Americans chilling in Florida who had a passion for hitting the gym. Enhanced has built a team of leaders from the international field of professionals, bodybuilders, scientists, and innovators. Our Chief Science Officer is in Canada, Haytham is in the UK, our earliest pioneer Tony is in Thailand, with fulfillment and management offices in California and true centers of distribution, R/D, and relations in South Korea, India, and in Latin America.
Enhanced is more than a logo, we are #Enhanced and, in the words of Big Ramy, winter is here. 
Want to follow Haytham? http://instagram.com/haythemhaggag